Sunday, May 29, 2016


Every Picture Tells a Story

The final chapter has been written and now the process of creating the book begins. Stay tuned.
 Is a picture worth a thousand words? We shall see.
While cleaning out the house I grew up in, my sister and I came across many boxes of old photos. We knew they would require sorting so we left them for last. We spent hours making stacks of the ones we recognized, all sub-divided by relatives we remembered, even vaguely. We also ended up with a large pile of uncategorized. I thought rather than throw them out I could breathe new life into them; after all, they had been important to somebody at one time. Each photo has a story waiting to be written, hence One Thousand Words was born. Each chapter will begin with a photo,  followed by a complete story of roughly one thousand words. I hope you enjoy them.
Although the photos are of actual people, places, and things all of the stories are fictitious and created entirely from the author’s imagination. If by some wild chance there is a picture of a person you know or are related to, I beg your pardon for taking liberties with it.

Bud Scott